Hollander Design Landscape Architects designs finely-crafted landscapes at every scale from the Hamptons to Hong Kong. We work with homeowners and architects, developers and institutions to design a rich diversity of project types, from country estates and campuses to luxury condominiums ­­and parks.


In every design, we explore three ecologies:  the site’s natural ecology, its architectural ecology, and its human ecology – meaning the ways in which people will use the property. We believe attention to each creates enduring, beautiful places that become fulfilling expressions of ‘home.’


Edmund Hollander and Maryanne Connelly met over a pencil sketch and a reference book on plants. They quickly discovered they shared a compelling, holistic approach to landscape design. Today, we are 30 professionals based in Manhattan, Sag Harbor, and Chicago.


book publications

The Good Garden
The Landscape Architecture of Edmund Hollander

“Known for his prolific work on the estates of New York’s Long Island, Edmund Hollander creates grand gardens to embrace the palatial homes that dot the enclaves of the Hamptons: majestic oak allées leading to shingled manses, sharply sculpted hedges ringing sleek contemporary piles. In The Good Garden, Hollander explores the alchemy that connects landscape to residence. The volume, helpfully divided into sections by element—such as borders, hedges, and pool plantings—offers verdant insight into the poetic ways nature can improve and enhance architecture. It’s lush, leafy escapism of the highest order.” 

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The Private Oasis
The Landscape Architecture and Gardens of Edmund Hollander

“Indeed, like their designs, their book is a thing of beauty: an inspired breath of organic, cohesive, and free-flowing air”
— QUEST Magazine

“Whether a home is a great place to live often depends on what lies beyond its walls”
 The Private Oasis

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